Port inside shear seam sanded and given a light finish coat of epoxy. Port side finished!

I’ll make some small descriptive comments in the photos themselves. Otherwise, the pictures will speak for themselves.

Through the curtain.
The outside of the hull and deck will eventually both get sanded and at least one more fill coat of epoxy so that both are smooth and ready for varnish.
Looking toward the bow. Shear seam sanded ready for a light finish coat of epoxy.
Looking toward the bow again, this time from the aft hatch opening. Shear seam sanded, etc.
Looking over the edge of the cockpit at the shear seam.
This photo show pretty well how much I knocked the edges off the fiberglass tape.
Looking aft. Tape/seam now has finish coat of epoxy. Looks great I think!
Looking forward. Tape/seam now has finish coat of epoxy, and since the edges have been sanded off the tape I won’t have to worry about the tape potentially cutting into my knees, etc. It turned out much better than I thought it was going to, as this is the side I struggled with a bit.

Same process on the starboard side tomorrow.

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