Bulkheads tomorrow.

I finished using my templates to get the shapes of the bulkheads just right. I have transferred those shapes to the actual bulkheads, which as I have mentioned before, have been fiberglassed on both sides with fiberglass cloth. Now they’re ready to go. Because it has been more than 72 hours since I fiberglassed both the bulkheads and the inside of the kayak, I have sanded where I will epoxy and glass tape tomorrow, and have sanded the bulkheads all over so that they will take the epoxy, and so that I can brush a thin coat of epoxy on both sides after I am done gluing/taping them in, so they will be pretty.

Sanding where the aft bulkhead will live.
I had not yet sanded the bulkhead when I made this photo. This was just the final fitting. You can see my vent hole at the top of the bulkhead that will allow the pressure in the cargo hold to equalize with the cockpit side.

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