Forward bulkhead epoxied and glassed.

This evening after work I was able to get the fillets and fiberglass tape finished on the forward bulkhead. It took me about 90 minutes start to finish (cutting the tape to size for both sides of the bulkhead, mixing and thickening the epoxy, piping the thickened epoxy into a dental syringe, making the fillets, applying and bedding the tape, and finally, mixing 1.5 oz. of new epoxy to wet out the tape, and then wetting out the tape). The tape fought me fiercely, which has been my experience with all of the fiberglass tape I have applied to this kayak going all the way back to the sacrificial keel tape, but I prevailed! *sigh* One down, one to go. My plan is to do the aft bulkhead tomorrow. Then, after the epoxy cures fully on both of the bulkheads I will sand the edges off of the tape as I did on the inside seams, and give them a light coat of epoxy to make them smooth and pretty.

Cockpit side of the forward bulkhead. Sorry about the terrible photos. Auto-focus doesn’t like the dark.
Bow side of the forward bulkhead. This will be sanded and made pretty after it cures. Right now it looks like hell.

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