Sanding for the third (final) coat of varnish.

Over the course of the kayak construction I have found that it saves me a ton of work later if I mask around the cockpit coaming before sanding the underside of the coaming. When I didn’t mask I scratched up the cockpit apron badly and had to spend a bunch of time getting the scratches out of the apron before I could move on with the rest of the sanding.
My sanding Achilles heel, the hatch covers.
Above: My tool of choice for sanding before varnish. Your mileage may vary.
Above you can see how torn up the masking tape gets when I sand under the coaming. Those scratches would be on the cockpit apron if I hadn’t masked.
Rare action shot!
Masking tape removed and moving on to the apron.
Hull sanded and ready for the final coat of varnish (unless I screw it up and have to do a fourth coat to fix it).

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