A moment of gratitude.

While it is on my mind, I want to take a minute to say how gratifying this kayak building process has been so far. I am certain that 99% of the credit goes to John Lockwood and everyone at Pygmy Boats for making such a high quality product, and providing such thorough instructions and excellent support (and 1% to me for carefully reading and following said instructions). From some of the feedback that I have read on the Pygmy Boats website it seems clear to me that many people who first decided to build a Pygmy kayak or boat in order to get a beautiful boat wound up getting something much more. I think that is true for me as well. On re-reading this blog I realized that while I have posted photos and descriptions of the entire process so far, that I tend to spend more time detailing the parts of the build that present challenges or caused problems that have delayed moving forward on the kayak, and as a result, I tend to gloss over the parts that go smoothly and “just work as intended.” I want to acknowledge that the comprehensive design of this kayak kit and the included instruction manual has meant that almost all of the processes in the construction of the kayak so far have gone smoothly. This has been an interesting and rewarding experience. It hasn’t always been what I would call fun (does anyone really think that sanding is fun?), and there have been a few times that it has been stressful because I didn’t know if I was going to screw something up that couldn’t be fixed later, but it continues to be rewarding. And for that I am grateful.

Second fill coat. I applied the first fill coat two days ago and it still wasn’t completely cured. *sigh*
I guess I’ll have to wait until this weekend when I can leave the space heaters on all day and cross my fingers. I have sanding to do on this thing and I can’t do it if the epoxy won’t cure.

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