Annnnnnnnd hatches cut!

Well, I have to admit that putting a saw to the deck made me a bit nervous. But once I settled down and started cutting it went fine. I used a Skil, variable speed jigsaw with a fine blade in it and it worked great. Side note: I just zoomed into a couple of these photos and the photos are truly awful! A poor aperture choice resulted in a tiny depth of field, so large parts of what I wanted to show are out of focus. I may make some better pictures and upload them later.

The variable speed Skil jigsaw that you can see above and below, worked great! It made cutting these hatches easy.
If you zoom in on this photo, you can see a little wiggle in the cut on the side in the foreground. That was where I started cutting and it took me a minute to get used to the saw. It’s not much of a wiggle and should sand right out without noticeably widening the gap between the hatch cover and the opening when everything is finished.
Overhead view of the aft hatch.
Overhead view of the forward hatch.
Front hatch and cover.
Rear hatch and cover.

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