Fiberglass on the cockpit coaming seams and the hatch lips.

I had time after work to fiberglass the second side of the hatch lips (I did the first side yesterday), and the fiberglass cloth over the seams on the top of the cockpit coaming. It will be good to have this done before I start on the bulkheads. The instruction manual has the hip braces and seat installation before the bulkheads and hatches, but I think that I will have more room to work on the rear bulkhead if I wait to do the hip braces until after I have the bulkheads in.

Front of the cockpit. The edges of this fiberglass cloth will get feathered in, and then fill coats of epoxy until it disappears. This will strengthen the coaming seams.
Back of the cockpit.
Hatch lips getting fiberglass cloth.

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