Hatch lip spacers epoxied in place and half-round pieces for the hatch lids cut to size and finish sanded.

Hatch lid spacers installed. I also cut the half-round pieces that will live on the hatch covers to provide a elevated surface for the tie down straps to ride on. These will allow the straps to provide enough pressure on the hatch lids to create a good seal against the foam that will eventually go on the hatch lip. The next step will be to install the hatch lips themselves, and to glue the half-round pieces onto the hatch covers.

Forward hatch above, aft hatch below.
A wad of clamps.
Another angle on the wad of clamps.
I can’t wait to sand that line out of the hull and give the whole kayak one more fill coat of epoxy. Then a ton of sanding, and finally, varnish. This thing really is getting pretty close to finished. Still a lot of work to do, but from the perspective of the entire build, I’m definitely in the home stretch!
These are the half-round pieces that will go on the hatch covers. The two pieces in the upper right are beveled to be a bit wider at the top, to make them easier to grab if there is suction on the inside of the hatch lid caused by a temperature/pressure difference between the inside of the cargo hold and the ambient air temp/pressure.

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