Epoxy touch up on cockpit coaming finished. Ready for varnish!

Late in the game I decided that I wanted to soften (sand down) the inner edge of the back of the cockpit coaming so that it wouldn’t bite into the small of my back when I am attempting layback rolls. When I did the final fill coat it was apparent to me that the coaming needed one more coat of epoxy in the area where I filed and sanded at the back of the cockpit. So I sanded the whole coaming and gave it all one more coat. I can still see that cut I accidentally made in the fiberglass cloth, deep under the epoxy, but I have made my peace with it. Overall, the coaming looks good I think.

Autofocus fail. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “Epoxy touch up on cockpit coaming finished. Ready for varnish!

  1. Me again Kent 🙂 So i am FINALLY at deck rigging (its been so hot here in Portland I didn’t really do much in July) I would love to know where you found the hatch drills schematic that you mention in your blog? I have the holes that the instructions gave, but what about where you tied your cord on the bow and stern? The bow looks about 6-9 inches from the hatch? and the stern?
    Hope this questions makes sense?


    • Hi Dana,
      No, I’m afraid that I don’t understand what you’re asking, or what you are referring to when you say “hatch drills schematic.” Since you did not comment on the post that you are referring to, and instead put your comment in the post about the cockpit coaming epoxy, it is hard for me to know which one you are talking about. I have looked back through my posts about drilling the holes for the deck rigging, and I can’t see any mention of “hatch drills schematic”, or any reference to “hatch drills” at all. When you are asking about where I tied my “cord on the bow and stern” are you talking about the perimeter lines or something else? If you could find the post you are talking about, and then comment from that post it will help me to see what you are looking at and how I might be able to help.


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