Deck rigging complete.

During my lunch hour today I was able to finish the deck rigging. All that remains is the seat installation, after which the Ronan is finished and ready for her maiden voyage! I still have to make the removable thigh braces, but those are an accessory to help me roll, and I can certainly paddle without them. I can finish those anytime.

I didn’t make a photo of the foam on the bow hatch. Not sure why. But they both look the same, so you’re not missing anything.
The perimeter line is the fancy, retro-reflective stuff that Pygmy sells as an option. I really like it. It looks black until light hits it, and then it is super reflective and bright! If you click on the above photo to zoom in you can see that even in ambient light it reflects brightly. I had plenty left over so I used it to make my hand toggles too. :^)
Figure eight knot in the bow perimeter line.
Figure eight knot in the aft perimeter line.
Above: Deck rigging complete!
Today’s tools. The Barge Cement was used to glue the foam to the hatch lips, and even though I made sure to get epoxy and varnish in all the holes that I drilled through the deck for the deck rigging, I also put a tiny blob of the Flex Shot silicone goop in each hole, around the base of each of the machine screws that went through the deck. Just a little added insurance against water infiltration. I think that any silicone caulk or adhesive would have worked fine. I just used the Flex Shot stuff because that’s what I had on hand. YMMV. The line cutting gun makes a very clean cut on nylon webbing and seals the ends so that they don’t need any further attention. Well worth the money in my opinion.

2 thoughts on “Deck rigging complete.

  1. I am finally finishing my Coho…bought in 1998 and built (mostly) in 1999 in an apartment in Austin, TX. Your boat looks great. I am using your deck rigging configuration as a guide. Thanks for very high res photos. Super helpful.


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