Continuing to glue panels.

What you are seeing here is the butt seam where two halves of a panel are glued together. The reason that it looks so uniform, almost like a sheet of glass, is that the seams are joined by a strip of light fiberglass tape, which is thoroughly wetted out with epoxy, and then epoxy is liberally applied (piled up for want of a better term) for a couple of inches on both sides of the tape. The epoxy and fiberglass are then covered with a piece of 4″ wide mylar, which the epoxy will not stick to, and then weighted down with a few bricks or some other weight. After the epoxy cures, the tape is completely invisible and it looks like this! The edges are then “feathered in” so that the transition between the wood and the epoxy layer is smooth. This process is repeated on the other side of each panel.
Starboard side panels glued to full length and out of the way so that the other side can be glued.
Starboard side panels.

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