Holes drilled for the deck rigging, and then the final epoxy fill coat on the deck.

I spent the morning deciding where I wanted my deck rigging and paddle park, and drilling the holes in the deck for that stuff. Then I rolled on, and tipped off the final fill coat of epoxy on the deck. The hull comes tomorrow.

I taped just below the shear line and folded the tape under, on itself so that any epoxy that might run over the shear wouldn’t run down the hull, but would drip onto the bench or floor instead. I spent too much time sanding the hull smooth to have to do it all over again to get rid of runs and drips.
Here you can see the holes for the straps on the port side, forward hatch, and the forward hole for the bow deck rigging. I will make sure that the open grain in all these holes is saturated with epoxy. I have pipe cleaners specifically for this purpose.
Holes for port side, aft hatch cover and deck rigging.
Starboard side, aft.
Starboard side, forward.
View up the port side.
As per Pygmy’s recommendation, I use 1/8″ nap, foam rollers to apply the epoxy to large surface areas. I have found that cutting the 7″ roller covers in half, using a sharp utility knife works very well for reaching the tighter areas on the kayak. It also doubles the number of covers available to use during each application. This is important because in a relatively short time, the epoxy starts to become foamy in the roller cover and the cover must be discarded, otherwise, the epoxy finish will be cloudy rather than clear. That said, I was able to coat the entire deck using only one half of a roller cover. I may need to use two for the hull as it has a larger surface area.
Epoxy rolled on with a foam roller, and tipped off with a 3″ foam brush.
I used a 2″ foam brush to carefully apply epoxy to the cockpit coaming and hip braces, and also under the cockpit coaming and around the cockpit apron. I did this before I rolled out the rest of the deck so that when I tipped everything off it would all blend as I worked into the wet edge of where I worked on the coaming area.

2 thoughts on “Holes drilled for the deck rigging, and then the final epoxy fill coat on the deck.

  1. Hi. Beautiful build you made!
    Came across it as I’m trying to find suitable spanners / buckles for my own s&g kayak’s hatches. What product is it that you used? Does it work well with lots of waves going over the boat?
    Thanks and regards


    • Hi Mani,
      Thank you for the nice comment about my kayak build. I am very happy with how it turned out. I wish I had better news for you, but the cams and buckles that I used came in the kit that I bought from PygmyBoats. Sadly, they closed their in person, and web store during the Covid lockdown, and they have not reopened. I don’t know if they used a third party vendor for the cams, of designed and made them themselves. You can see them here:
      But as you will find, the online store is no longer active. I will look around and see if I can find another source for them, and if I find anything I will make another reply to your comment and let you know what I found.
      Thanks again,


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