Ready to start stitching the kayak together.

Here’s where the stitching part of stitch and glue construction comes in.

Holes drilled in panels, every 6″ using a simple jig made from a piece of scrap wood. In the 14″ nearest the bow and stern tips, the holes are drilled every 2″.
You can see the jig that I referred to in the photo caption above.
The port and starboard panels are clamped together and drilled at the same time so that the holes are in the same locations on both sides of the kayak.
Once all the panels are drilled the stitching together of the panels begins. You can see the middle temporary frame that will help control the shape of the panels as they are stitched together. There are four more temporary frames that will all eventually be added.
In this photo you can see the way that the wires are twisted through the holes to stitch the keel seam together. The rest of the hull (and deck) are stitched in the same way. The twists in the wires at the bow and stern will face out of the hull as there will be no room to twist them from the inside.

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